Cross-Channel Marketing

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There are a lot of people who often mixed up multi-channel and cross-channel marketing. The main difference between these two types of marketing approach is that multi-channel marketing create and launch campaigns across multiple channels separately, while the cross-channel marketing use a single marketing channel, such as direct mail or internet, to support or promote another channel, such as retailing. Important thing is that customers don’t think about channels form that they are absorbing information, they just want convenience.

New media platforms have, and will continue to, change the way marketers manage campaigns across different channels. In today’s world ordinary customers move across wide range of channels, and they expect timely and coordinated experiences from their favourite brands, but company that produced those brands where no near ready to deal with such a unique interaction with customers trough individual channels, and the messages wasn’t delivered at time. It’s very confusing to the customers in one side, and very expensive for the brands on the other. So, the cross-channel marketing creates ability for brands to get closer with customers, using whole spectrum of channels to reach and be in contact with costumers.

According to the recent survey, many companies still don’t know how to work within cross-channel marketing. They are pretty solid when it comes to TV, mobile, print, social and any other type of advertising in particularly, but is a big challenge for them to create a cross-channel marketing that will embrace every single one of them into unique strategy. Almost 80% companies believe that their recent marketing efforts fall short because of not enough analytics that provide cross-channel marketing, while there’s a half majority of companies who thinks that’s is very important if they want to adapt in new ways of how customers absorbing information.

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Changes Introduced by e-business

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It is a concept that will transform many industries into virtual network of buyers and sellers. Successful organizations implement e-commerce to integrate business processes and improve work operations within the organization. As a result they get better business results, better internal organizational structure and effective management. In order to be successful in these changes, organizations must adapt and learn new approaches to strategy, planning and business management. The changes will accelerate in the future, and new technological developments in the digital economy will abound creating new fundamental approach to e-business of government, society and economy with social and political implications.

Electronic commerce and the possibility of online billing and payment, electronic banking and money transfer  from abroad via the Internet, mobile banking and business software are a part of e-business as a whole, which is correlated with the economic development of the country at the national and socio-organizational level .



In countries where the Internet is expensive, slow or unavailable, the community is at the margins of contemporary world events and trends of development. In these areas the organizations and companies have limited resources and can not react in time to market demands. 

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Can I Make a Claim if I got a PPI Pay Out?

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There are some people who feel that they would like to make a PPI claim, but they have had a pay out on the policy. This does make things rather complicated as the fact that they have used the insurance could go against them, when they try to say that it was miss sold to them.

PPI claims are normally made when the insurance was miss sold. If the person had no knowledge that they were even paying PPI then they would not have ever requested a pay-out. If they were not eligible to get a pay-out then they would not have got one. However, there are some people who were told that PPI was a requirement of taking out the loan. This was not true and so the insurance was miss sold. They were aware that they had it though and could possibly have got a pay out from it, had their circumstances changed and they were not able to cover the repayment. However, they may still want to claim back what they paid out for the insurance because it was something that they did not want in the first place.

Common sense would say that if the amount that the insurance paid out was more than they paid in, then it would be unlikely that it would be worth making a claim. However if they paid out significantly more than they got back, then it is possible that they may still have a case. This could be rather complicated though and it may be that they would need help from a PPI claims company to put together a convincing case. The defence would argue that as they got a pay out on the insurance then it was useful for them and the person would have to prove that they still would have been better off had they not been forced to take out the insurance in the first place. It could be your word against theirs, but could be worth pursuing, especially if the amount that you could gain is significant. It may be difficult to prove that you did not want the insurance and some companies seem more willing to pay out than others. It may be hard work and depend on the company that you are working against.

So if you did get a pay-out from PPI then there are limited circumstances where you could make a PPI claim. It could be hard work and not necessarily work. However, it could be worth pursing as you could end up getting a lot of money back.

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Identical Terms?

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There are a lot of words that can be interpreted wrongly. They are similar words, but does not mean quite the same. For example the expressions ‘e-commerce’ and ‘e-business’ are often used as synonymous, however we have to determine what do these words indeed mean?

Firstly, the term e-commerce correspond with online transactions; buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet. Secondly, e-business also refers to online transactions, but extends to all Internet based interactions with suppliers, business partners and customers. Some of the examples of these interactions are selling direct to consumers, manufacturers and suppliers, then monitoring and exchanging information, moreover, auctioning surplus inventory as well as collaborative product design. These online cooperations have the goal to improve or transform business processes and efficiency.
Talking about e-business and its benefits, we can highlight some of them:

1. Enhanced precision, quality and time required for updating and delivering information on products or services.

2. Possibility for customers to access the catalogues and prices at any time of the day-every day.

3. The way of ordering is easy, fast and immediate.

4. Improved market, industry or competitor intelligence gained through research activities and information gathering.

5. Electronic delivery of some products and services ( publications, software, translation services, banking, etc.) via new distribution channels.

6. Evident expansion of customer base and rise in export opportunities.

7. Routine administrative tasks such as invoices and order records are reduced by e-business so staff can focus on more strategic activities.


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Hide This Indication Harnessing a Global Medium For Local Business Growth

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The internet might be a global phenomenon but it also offers exciting opportunities for targeting a local audience. For small business this makes it one of the most valuable marketing tools at their disposal. Unlike traditional advertising the internet enables a business to engage with its customers on a personal level, without the hard sell that risks alienating them. Effective local SEO techniques make it possible to communicate with customers in a whole new way – informing them, even entertaining them, and delivering content they find useful.

With more and more people now using the internet as their first line of enquiry when searching for local products or services, small businesses need to ensure they feature prominently in search results for their area. Hiring an SEO agency to help them achieve this might just be the best investment in marketing they can make because it can deliver thousands of new sales and help build a loyal customer base for future business growth.

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Water, Water Everywhere: How To Save Money On Your Water Bill

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With household bills rising all the time and the average water bill up 5.7%, many people are finding it harder to manage their finances. They are looking for ways to cut costs where they can. Water companies are generally region-specific so it’s not usually possible to switch this particular utility provider. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce water usage and bring those bills down.

Practical Tips for Saving Water

Compared to our grandparents, who only used around 20 litres of water a day, our generation uses a massive 150 litres and much of it is unnecessary and can be reduced with a little effort.

It may seem a bit obvious but there’s a lot to be said for not wasting water when shaving, washing or brushing your teeth. If you turn off the tap or shower when you don’t need it, you can save a staggering six litres of water a minute.

Another good tip is to have a shower instead of a bath whenever possible to reduce the sheer volume of water being used. Or you could choose to wash every other day instead of daily. It’s also a good idea to bath children together whenever possible.

Rainwater can be used productively if you invest in a water butt which stores water to be used when watering plants both indoors and outdoors. Household water can also be saved, such as glasses of water which haven’t been drunk and fish-tank water.

Water-Saving Devices

Many water companies have free items available which can help to save water, so it’s worth finding out what you can get from them before buying anything. Some things which can be used include efficient shower heads, water-displacement devices for the toilet, shower timers and products to collect water.

Water Meters

One of the most effective ways to reduce your water bill is to install a water meter in your home. With so many bills being estimated and based on the size of your home rather than the water consumed, many of us are paying more than we need to, which is frustrating if we are taking active steps to avoid water waste.

It is estimated that savings of up to 10% or £200 a year could be achieved simply by using a water meter which is free of charge and arranged via the water company. There is the option to switch back within a certain time frame, usually a year, if you find your metered bills are actually more expensive.

If you are also trying to save money on your gas and electricity bills, you can use a comparison site to find cheaper deals.

With so many easy ways to save water, there are plenty of things we can all do that require little commitment or effort but which can make a big difference. By setting personal challenges to save water whenever possible and by getting the whole family involved, water usage can be dramatically reduced, which will be reflected quickly in reductions to those costly water bills.

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Business Profile: Office Man the Office Relocation Specialist

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Planning to refurbish your office can be a stressful task. You’ll have to decide upon the equipment and supplies you’re going to need, track down a supplier with a decent reputation, work out a price that works for the both of you and organise when it is to be delivered and installed. Just visualising your workload can be enough to make you want to stick with the antiquated systems and furniture you have. But this is not the way it needs to be. OfficeMan are able to make your office refurbishment quick, structured and above all uncomplicated. The free service offered by OfficeMan helps you to locate the finest office refurbishment suppliers in the industry. Whether you are in need of IT supplies, office furniture suppliers, fit out companies or removal firms, OfficeMan makes the task easy, meaning you are free to concentrate on the tasks that make up the daily management of your company office.

OfficeMan allows you to make a comparison between the prices and services that can be obtained from the best office refurbishment companies in a way that is both quick and efficient. By using OfficeMan you can save money and have the job finished before you know it. When you register your company details with OfficeMan you can sleep soundly, knowing that your details remain confidential and are not sold on to any third parties. We will only ever recommend reputable office refurbishment companies and our companies rely upon your positive reports so that they can get business so it is up to them to offer the best prices and professional services.

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