Is Bitcoin Legal World Wide?

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Did you know that BTC (and cryptocurrencies) is not legal everywhere in world? On one side, it is normal because the technology is still very young, but on the other side, is that really a reason for bans?

In some countries cryptocurrencies are explicitly allowed for use and trade, while others are either banned, restricted or just waiting with decisions to make it legal (or ban them). Strictly illegal countries are Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Colombia, etc. According to Wikipedia, it is also illegal in China, which is really surprising because a lot of crypto stuff is coming exactly from there.

Check the map with details of legality of Bitcoin at this moments. Now, it is like this, but governments all around the world have to solve legal issues in following months/years. It looks that bankers want to last that as long as possible, but public is pressuring politicians to solve this issue.

I have found this map at

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