Government Blocked Another Search Engine?

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Internet users in China have lost access to Microsoft Bing yesterday, and it is confirmed by this US technology company.

“We found that Bing is currently unavailable in China and we are working on determining the next steps in that respect,” Microsoft said in a statement, and the Reuters reported.

Western media say Bing is allegedly banned by a Chinese government’s order. Bong is now alongside with Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and other foreign Internet services, whose availability in China have been blocked by so-called Chinese Great Firewall.

The Chinese Internet agency did not respond to Reuters’ request sent by fax about the Bing Web site blockade.

Bing was the only major foreign search engine available in China, as Microsoft censored search results on sensitive topics, according to government policy in Beijing.

Is this free will and democracy in 21. century? This is the MAIN reason why we need so much decentralization and blockchain technology. We have to push those bureaucrats where into the corner and make free Internet for all. China is just one example, we have much more “government moves” like this in our surrounding, also.

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