Binance Delisting Another Few Coins

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Binance, one of the most popular crypto exchanges on the world is decided to delist another five coins from their platform. Here and there when some coin doesn’t have enough volume (as they like to say “continues to meet the high level of standard we expect”), they delist it; “to protect users”. So, generally, they doesn’t do that just because of the VOLUME, but the other reasons too.

This time the list contains 5 coins: CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB and WINGS. It is interesting that some of these coins have significant volume (in comparison to some other altcoins listed on Binance), for example, CloakCoin have daily volume over $1,000,000 USD and majority of the volume is at Binance.

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Is Bitcoin Legal World Wide?

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Did you know that BTC (and cryptocurrencies) is not legal everywhere in world? On one side, it is normal because the technology is still very young, but on the other side, is that really a reason for bans?

In some countries cryptocurrencies are explicitly allowed for use and trade, while others are either banned, restricted or just waiting with decisions to make it legal (or ban them). Strictly illegal countries are Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Colombia, etc. According to Wikipedia, it is also illegal in China, which is really surprising because a lot of crypto stuff is coming exactly from there.

Check the map with details of legality of Bitcoin at this moments. Now, it is like this, but governments all around the world have to solve legal issues in following months/years. It looks that bankers want to last that as long as possible, but public is pressuring politicians to solve this issue.

I have found this map at

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Germany: Facebook To Stop Tracking Users!

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The German antitrust office ruled that Facebook has to stop combine personal data from multiple sources.

The Commission announced that Facebook is ordered to not use data that it is collected from third-party services and websites on Facebook’s user profiles. This is a very common practice that allows them to present more attractive products from advertisers to FB users.

At this moment Facebook collect data from a wide-range of services like Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

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Government Blocked Another Search Engine?

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Internet users in China have lost access to Microsoft Bing yesterday, and it is confirmed by this US technology company.

“We found that Bing is currently unavailable in China and we are working on determining the next steps in that respect,” Microsoft said in a statement, and the Reuters reported.

Western media say Bing is allegedly banned by a Chinese government’s order. Bong is now alongside with Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and other foreign Internet services, whose availability in China have been blocked by so-called Chinese Great Firewall.

The Chinese Internet agency did not respond to Reuters’ request sent by fax about the Bing Web site blockade.

Bing was the only major foreign search engine available in China, as Microsoft censored search results on sensitive topics, according to government policy in Beijing.

Is this free will and democracy in 21. century? This is the MAIN reason why we need so much decentralization and blockchain technology. We have to push those bureaucrats where into the corner and make free Internet for all. China is just one example, we have much more “government moves” like this in our surrounding, also.

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YouTube channel Machinima has been extinguished

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YouTube channel Machinima was a kind of center that gathered creative people around the globe who created movies made exclusively in the engine of games.

These films may be related to the game itself, but also something completely unrelated, it is only important that everything is done in the game engine. Such a type of content has always its audience and it was very popular, so the channel has collected 12.4 million subscribers.

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