Gambling Rush on Cryptocurrency World

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If we take just a simple look to current dApps on the market (for example at dApp radar) we can notice that the majority of the dApps are gambling oriented, created in the last 2-3 months. What happened over night that provoked this? Is it really a “game changer” producing online gambling website on blockchain? We will try to give few reasons why that happened and why is this still happening…

If we look from the usual gambler point, what is different? At ordinary online gambling website, players are compete against other players, or against the “house”. You can win, or you can lose, and that’s it. You have a lot of “house” rules, like capping your winning, probability of win (which is usually not on your side) etc.

On the other side, if you are gambling on crypto betting website, some of those rules are different. The majority of crypto gambling websites offer dividends for every stake that you take. In short words said, even if you lose you get “house coins” which you can use for collecting daily dividends from the website. More you are playing, you are getting more involved as “house owner”, and you receive significant percent of user losses in dividends.

For example, one of the most popular betting website on Tron network is which have their own coin called ANTE (you can stake it for dividends). Collecting and freezing ANTE, website pays dividends in TRX every day to their stake owners. New games and improvements are added almost every week, like Moon game, Ring (you can play it against the house or against other gamers) and lately they added SuperBowl betting also. Improvements like burning “lost ANTE coins” are helping in stability of ANTE coin price in the future.

I will give you one more example of fairness of gambling on crypto websites. One of the most fair websites in crypto world is  where winning numbers are collected totally independently of website. The system is taking hash directly from TRX blockchain and converting in numbers that you can bet on. It takes last number from the hash and you can bet if that number is big or small, odd or even, or exact number guess. No lies, no scamming… Everything is totally transparent.

One more important thing with gambling on crypto websites is that mostly you don’t have to “upload” total amount of money to website that you are planning to spend. You are placing your bets directly from your wallet and you getting gains directly back to your wallet, for every bet separately.

So, why wouldn’t you move to crypto gambling website? You can’t lose nothing more (or less) than on standard website. You just can get more from it (dividends) and you can trust more because of transparency of blockchain technology.

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