Silver Will Bypass Gold? Ethereum Over Bitcoin?

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A lot of people think that he is Satoshi, he predicted some really important stuff in the past, he was popular trader of silver and gold and then he discovered Bitcoin. Call him lucky because got early in BTC is more than unreasonable, he is now multi millionaire with a lot of investments in crypto world and a lot of influence in it. He is also called as “Bitcoin maximalist”, but he has investments in other markets, so that also can’t be true.

DavinciJ has been interviewed by SGTreport Youtube channel about crypto and generally about investments today. They discussed about a wide-range of topics like financial crisis, market manipulations by governments and politicians, promise of man, changing the rules, etc. Will silver go extremely high and be more valuable than gold? Will Ethereum bypass Bitcoin in price? This and more other interesting questions and answers are here on the table.

Definitely, it is worth a time to watch this amazing video with great person as DavinciJ is. Open your mind to all possible scenarios and maybe it will help you with your financial status. Don’t blindly follow anyone and always do your own research before investing your money.

Enjoy in the video!

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