AllBet Review: Game Changer in Crypto Betting

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I know that there is a lot of Tron haters everywhere, but we have to admit that they have make a big leap with big amount of dApps released last few months, plenty of great games, useful apps… One of the biggest projects was, gaining such a large amount attention (and transaction) that a lot of people say that this big gambling project was the main reason of recent TRX price rise. There is other websites in same niche, but with less money involved (Trondice, DiceBet, Fomo…)

But, they are not topic for this post. We will talk about AllBet, project that have bring the best of 3 platforms at one place. We can say that it is a gambling website where you can bet using your TRX, ETH and soon EOS, and in the same time, mine their AB coin. Mined AB coin, you can freeze and earn dividends, like you can do with, or any other similar website. Because of the specific multi-platform betting, your earned dividends are not automatically paid; you have to withdraw it to payment address that you choose.

For example, you are betting only with TRX and mining AB coin. After freezing it, you will receive dividends for all coins that other users played, ETH, TRX and soon EOS. Payment are once in 24 hours and the total amount of AB Token is 10 billion. At this time, we are still in FIRST round of mining where you can receive 45 AB tokens for win and 50 AB tokens for lose, if you are betting with 100 TRX. For example, if you are betting with 1 ETH, you will receive 2800 AB for win, or 3200 AB tokens for lose. We have to say that ETH betting bring a slightly better amount of AB tokens, but it is much more slower that mining with TRX.

Beside classic DICE game, you can also play POKER with three types of games in one.

1. Figure Bet: You can choose one or less than twelve numbers to bet. If the ‘Lucky Suit’ is the same as the prediction, you can get rewards.
2. Suit Bet: You can choose one or less than three suits to bet. If the ‘Lucky suit’ is the same as the prediction, you can get rewards.
3. Mixed Bet: You can choose numbers and suits at the same time. If you choose 13 numbers, the suits are no more than 3.If you choose 4 suits, the numbers are no more than 12. If the ‘Lucky Mixed bet’ is the same as the prediction, you can get rewards.
At this moment, poker game can be played only with TRX.

One more important thing. Developers have said that AB token will not be listed on any exchanges, so only way to get them is mining. But, don’t get this for sure. We have many examples from the past that devs “change their minds” and listed coins after some time.

AllBet has two types of inviting of friend, invitation code and classic referral link mode. It is interesting concept that both of a sides receives additional coins from mining AB token as they stated on website:

1. You can get a reward of 8% AB token which is mined by your friend when your friend joins in game mining, and your friend can also get a reward of 2% AB token.
2. The reward above comes from the system airdrop.

I am sure that there will be a lot of websites with this “multi-platform” concept, but AllBet is the ice-breaker in this field. We will see very soon how it goes. At the moment, dividends pool was over 1 million TRX what is really good result for first few days of website life.

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