What You Have To Know About a Web Development Team

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For creating each website, a Web development team is necessary. They will help you to decide about the page layout, to choose the color of the website, the graphics, text locations, navigation. A web developer is the project manager for the design. The person who is responsible for the visual appearance of the site is graphic designer. His duty is to develop the graphic elements which include colors, images and page layout. After the web developer and designer planned the appearance of the site, the programmer make the code that will run the site. Finally, the Internet marketing consultant will lead you to fitting your website into your own marketing strategy, increasing site traffic and getting more sales.

Now, you only have to choose one of the web development teams. How can you decide who will work for you? Here are some questions that can help:
At first, check the experience of a certain team: How many similar projects have they completed and how long they are in business? Do they frequently work with small businesses and companies in your industry? Can they provide all the elements you want your website to have? Does their portfolio of work or templates look professional and appealing?
Secondly, find out can the team follow your growth? Can the company handle your future needs, such as routine site updates, new content adding, adding new functionality?
Furthermore, there are some questions about the cost. Check how are set the fees, by hour, per page or per package and what will be the total cost for the developing? The payment terms are also important and the exact things that are included into the cost. Also find out how will be the extra works billed, and what will be the cost of maintaining and updates?
The next thing that has to be considered is the project management. Note who has to oversee the project, and the frequency of the meetings with the company in order to complete the project. Ask about the time needed for meetings and completing the total project.
Finally, learn about the legal issues. You have to know will the developer state that you own the code to the website and is there a written contract establishing all costs, responsibilities and ownership rights?

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