Water, Water Everywhere: How To Save Money On Your Water Bill

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With household bills rising all the time and the average water bill up 5.7%, many people are finding it harder to manage their finances. They are looking for ways to cut costs where they can. Water companies are generally region-specific so it’s not usually possible to switch this particular utility provider. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce water usage and bring those bills down.

Practical Tips for Saving Water

Compared to our grandparents, who only used around 20 litres of water a day, our generation uses a massive 150 litres and much of it is unnecessary and can be reduced with a little effort.

It may seem a bit obvious but there’s a lot to be said for not wasting water when shaving, washing or brushing your teeth. If you turn off the tap or shower when you don’t need it, you can save a staggering six litres of water a minute.

Another good tip is to have a shower instead of a bath whenever possible to reduce the sheer volume of water being used. Or you could choose to wash every other day instead of daily. It’s also a good idea to bath children together whenever possible.

Rainwater can be used productively if you invest in a water butt which stores water to be used when watering plants both indoors and outdoors. Household water can also be saved, such as glasses of water which haven’t been drunk and fish-tank water.

Water-Saving Devices

Many water companies have free items available which can help to save water, so it’s worth finding out what you can get from them before buying anything. Some things which can be used include efficient shower heads, water-displacement devices for the toilet, shower timers and products to collect water.

Water Meters

One of the most effective ways to reduce your water bill is to install a water meter in your home. With so many bills being estimated and based on the size of your home rather than the water consumed, many of us are paying more than we need to, which is frustrating if we are taking active steps to avoid water waste.

It is estimated that savings of up to 10% or £200 a year could be achieved simply by using a water meter which is free of charge and arranged via the water company. There is the option to switch back within a certain time frame, usually a year, if you find your metered bills are actually more expensive.

If you are also trying to save money on your gas and electricity bills, you can use a comparison site to find cheaper deals.

With so many easy ways to save water, there are plenty of things we can all do that require little commitment or effort but which can make a big difference. By setting personal challenges to save water whenever possible and by getting the whole family involved, water usage can be dramatically reduced, which will be reflected quickly in reductions to those costly water bills.

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