Cross-Channel Marketing

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There are a lot of people who often mixed up multi-channel and cross-channel marketing. The main difference between these two types of marketing approach is that multi-channel marketing create and launch campaigns across multiple channels separately, while the cross-channel marketing use a single marketing channel, such as direct mail or internet, to support or promote another channel, such as retailing. Important thing is that customers don’t think about channels form that they are absorbing information, they just want convenience.

New media platforms have, and will continue to, change the way marketers manage campaigns across different channels. In today’s world ordinary customers move across wide range of channels, and they expect timely and coordinated experiences from their favourite brands, but company that produced those brands where no near ready to deal with such a unique interaction with customers trough individual channels, and the messages wasn’t delivered at time. It’s very confusing to the customers in one side, and very expensive for the brands on the other. So, the cross-channel marketing creates ability for brands to get closer with customers, using whole spectrum of channels to reach and be in contact with costumers.

According to the recent survey, many companies still don’t know how to work within cross-channel marketing. They are pretty solid when it comes to TV, mobile, print, social and any other type of advertising in particularly, but is a big challenge for them to create a cross-channel marketing that will embrace every single one of them into unique strategy. Almost 80% companies believe that their recent marketing efforts fall short because of not enough analytics that provide cross-channel marketing, while there’s a half majority of companies who thinks that’s is very important if they want to adapt in new ways of how customers absorbing information.

Cross-channel marketing analytics is still very greatly underserved mostly for the reason that it’s truly tough field. The people who are included in creating a marketing process form basic are mostly different types of marketers, and because of that they all have a very different approach to the analytics. For that reason is very important that they measure those channels together, and not in traditional kind of way which is to look at them as separate one. It takes a lot of reorganizations inside marketing departments, so it’s a hard to swallow, especially for the big companies.

Most important things in cross-channel marketing are to identify your costumers, analyze your competition, find where your costumers are, and set your main goals. Once your marketing team is ready and running you can go further in cross-channel marketing.

From then on, you’ll need to find a winning strategy on how to meet and exceed the needs of customers, execute it within a timeframe, and measure it. Although the cross-channel marketing is still tough to measure, it isn’t impossible, and the main key for that is to listen, learn and evolve. It’s the only way you can fully embrace cross-channel marketing platform, and take benefits from it, especially in e-business development.

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