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There are a lot of directions for you to go for when you decide to have an e-business. One of the directions would be online auction. This can be a very profitable business because you can charge the buyers in many ways. For example, you can charge them for transaction fee for each deal. You can also try to provide some of the products to allow every user to bid and compete. Then, you can require them to pay for each bid they submit. As long as you have some popular products, it would not be difficult for you to draw their attention and make them loyal to your website.

No doubt, you have to make sure that you trade fairly with the users. Some of the online auction websites are found to cheat. They would use their automatic robots to bid the products and force other users to place bids from time to time. This would increase the charge for users to pay for every bid and this helps the website to obtain profit. No doubt, this would help you earn a short term profit. However, the long run reputation of the website would be ruined.

Secondly, you can try to see if it would be possible for you to create an e-Commerce website and earn money. e-Commerce website would be different from the auction website. Many of the e-Commerce website would focus on selling the products in bulk. Of course, some of them would also accept the retail businesses. But the focus of some e-Commerce website is on the export of products. You can contact some of the manufacturers in your own country and see if they are interested in exporting the products overseas. Then, you can bring these products to your website and let people overseas to visit the website and purchase the products. In this way, you act like a broker and get the profit by the commission.
If you find that some of the manufacturers are not willing to deliver the goods overseas, you can also choose to purchase from them directly and take the ownership of goods for yourself first. Then, you can sell these products through the e-Commerce website. You have to, certainly, be confident that these items are profitable. Otherwise, it would not be easy for you to cover the cost of these bulk purchases. There would usually be such type of risk in operating e-Commerce website but with good risk management you would not be in trouble usually.

Last but not least, there could be business opportunities for you to operate the online communities for people to engage in and have fun. You can simply create a forum and then allow people to communicate there. You can post advertisements in the forum and eat the money.

All in all, operating a business online is not very difficult. As long as you are willing to spare the time to work hard, you would find that it is possible for you to earn.

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