Changes Introduced by e-business

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It is a concept that will transform many industries into virtual network of buyers and sellers. Successful organizations implement e-commerce to integrate business processes and improve work operations within the organization. As a result they get better business results, better internal organizational structure and effective management. In order to be successful in these changes, organizations must adapt and learn new approaches to strategy, planning and business management. The changes will accelerate in the future, and new technological developments in the digital economy will abound creating new fundamental approach to e-business of government, society and economy with social and political implications.

Electronic commerce and the possibility of online billing and payment, electronic banking and money transfer  from abroad via the Internet, mobile banking and business software are a part of e-business as a whole, which is correlated with the economic development of the country at the national and socio-organizational level .



In countries where the Internet is expensive, slow or unavailable, the community is at the margins of contemporary world events and trends of development. In these areas the organizations and companies have limited resources and can not react in time to market demands.  Companies are spending more money, resources, time, manpower, resulting in delays and lack of profits.

E-business offers significant opportunities to enterprises to improve their business operations. To offer customers more, at lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce costs and operate in real-time 24/7.

Many companies are reorganizing their business operations to maximize customer deals based on virtual capabilities, allowing customers to carry out the order and purchase the product that is not in stock and then to the supplier, in time, provide the goods to the customer. In this way the whole chain works, and the results are lower prices for customers and faster exchange of information.

As electronic commerce knows no geographical boundaries, many big companies and famous brands strengthen its product offerings online. Also start new businesses and improve business processes in order to dominate the market.

The development of electronic business have many positive effects. It helps the organization, company, society and the state to accelerate its socio-economic development. Provides many benefits to the businesses in growing and developing, but also it is a great challenge that affects society as a whole.

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