Can I Make a Claim if I got a PPI Pay Out?

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There are some people who feel that they would like to make a PPI claim, but they have had a pay out on the policy. This does make things rather complicated as the fact that they have used the insurance could go against them, when they try to say that it was miss sold to them.

PPI claims are normally made when the insurance was miss sold. If the person had no knowledge that they were even paying PPI then they would not have ever requested a pay-out. If they were not eligible to get a pay-out then they would not have got one. However, there are some people who were told that PPI was a requirement of taking out the loan. This was not true and so the insurance was miss sold. They were aware that they had it though and could possibly have got a pay out from it, had their circumstances changed and they were not able to cover the repayment. However, they may still want to claim back what they paid out for the insurance because it was something that they did not want in the first place.

Common sense would say that if the amount that the insurance paid out was more than they paid in, then it would be unlikely that it would be worth making a claim. However if they paid out significantly more than they got back, then it is possible that they may still have a case. This could be rather complicated though and it may be that they would need help from a PPI claims company to put together a convincing case. The defence would argue that as they got a pay out on the insurance then it was useful for them and the person would have to prove that they still would have been better off had they not been forced to take out the insurance in the first place. It could be your word against theirs, but could be worth pursuing, especially if the amount that you could gain is significant. It may be difficult to prove that you did not want the insurance and some companies seem more willing to pay out than others. It may be hard work and depend on the company that you are working against.

So if you did get a pay-out from PPI then there are limited circumstances where you could make a PPI claim. It could be hard work and not necessarily work. However, it could be worth pursing as you could end up getting a lot of money back.

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